Monday, October 22, 2012

Herrick Lake Forest Reserve, Wheaton, IL

Read later, go there first. I mean it. Just go there before all the trees shake down their amazing leaves on the ground. If you are in Illinois and if you love enjoying beautiful scenery with a lake, a forest and kids running around, you will love this place. 
After parking my car, I looked up and saw this. Not interesting enough? Just keep walking! 

 Keep walking. It will just get better.... and better!

What about now? Sit down and enjoy the colors but don't forget to get up and walk into the forest. Like I said, it just gets better!

Are you thinking where's the damn lake!? :) Here it comes!

As in below photo, most trees are ready to shake down the remaining leaves. You've got to hurry up, grab your camera, a cup of coffee and go there!

Tomorrow I will bring you to another place called Silver Lake. We will row canoe and enjoy the autumn again :)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello Chicago

The name "Windy City" is a bit under-rated. It should be like "Super Duper Freaking Windy City". Seriously :)

Photos above were taken at Navy Pier, while enjoying the rough experience of Chicago wind, under the beauty of Illinois and American flags. Hope you like them :)



Hello there,

I am Ruby living everywhere. Yeah, that's true. It is hard to say where I live instead of where I live at which time. At the moment, I live in Illinois and from now on I will share sense of place, space and time of my journeys through blog posts and photos.

I hope you enjoy the way I travel and I hope to hear and see how you do it too.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Thank you for visiting our blog. We are a global family living around the world. We want to welcome you as an important part of this cyber community. 

We will introduce you ourselves, our lifestyle, journeys, happiness and snap shots of simple moments. And we want to read yours too. We hope you enjoy our blog. Thanks again and stay tune!